Egyptian Loofah Body-care Range

code LMT3
Loofah oval pad glove

A soft cotton washing glove with oval loofah pad for concentrated energetic body-skin care. With an elasticised snug base for a firm fit and a hanging loop for drying after use.
code LO10-12-15
Loofah face and body pads

Round loofah pads available in three sizes (10,12 & 15 cms diameter) for concentrated active facial and body skin-care. Each has a hand strap for a more secure grip, a hanging loop for drying after use and all are backed with pure soft Egyptian cotton.
code LF6
Loofah face and body pads

Set of 3 round loofah pads. Perfect for use on the face as part of an active facial care regime.
code LO6-LOV9
Loofah face pads

Round and oval loofah pads backed with pure soft Egyptian cotton. Each has a hand strap which is versatile for use in both sides. Ideal for facial use.
code LMT1
Loofah oval bath glove

An oval loofah glove for invigorating body skin-care. Backed in soft cotton for washing and with a hanging loop for drying after use.
code LFSC
Loofah foot scrubber

A roll of pure Egyptian loofah for removing rough skin on feet and elbows naturally and efficiently, while massaging at the same time!
When wet this product expands to be the size of a tennis ball. Packed flat for easy storage.
code LC4½
Chinese loofah with rope 4½"

Chinese loofah with a rope handle for easy smoothing hanging. Use on the whole body fro rough skin and massaging at the same time!
Our Loofah body-care products are made only from Egyptian loofah. The highest quality loofah available.
Our loofah (a vegetable plant) are all organically grown, and our Egyptian cotton is unbleached to give you the best Environmentally friendly bathing experience possible.
Egyptian Loofah creates a frothy lather, and has a short drying time to prevent bacteria buildup- making it far superior to other types of loofah.  Our Egyptian loofahs are carefully selected for their thick fibers and hardy texture to provide you with durable bathroom accessories.
The Hydrea Loofah Range is extremely beneficial to your regular skin-care routine and it can be used to:

Stimulate your circulatory system

Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin

Massage and activate the nerve cells beneath your skin    Aid in the prevention of cellulite build-up

Re-energise your body and keep your skin clean, healthy and glowing

All of the above Egyptian loofah products are available with either Egyptian cotton waffle in natural colour
toweling in a variety of colours.